Is a Furnace Tune Up Really Worth It?

When it comes to furnaces, regular maintenance can be incredibly beneficial. It can help extend the lifespan of your furnace, reduce heating costs, prevent breakdowns and limit repairs, and reduce the amount of smoke and other pollutants released into the environment. Most furnace manufacturers recommend that a qualified technician perform annual inspections and maintenance. They also include text in their warranties that states that damage to units caused by improper maintenance is not covered by the warranty. So, does this mean that an annual inspection of the furnace is actually required or that the warranty is void? Probably not, but it's highly recommended.

It's similar to going to the dentist every six months for a checkup and cleaning; it's not necessary, but it's recommended. Not all furnace companies offer this service, so you may have to hire an independent company to clean your ducts. Some HVAC companies offer a furnace maintenance plan, which can help homeowners pay for furnace maintenance. It seems that there is no industry standard for setting up a furnace (or boiler), so what goes into a “tune-up” will vary from company to company. Regular furnace adjustments can help ensure that your system can meet the demands placed on it, extend its life, and even avoid some costly repairs.

If you have to hire a heating contractor to show up on a Sunday night because the boiler has stopped working, you'll most likely end up paying emergency rates. To set up a furnace, homeowners should start by removing the oven door and then changing the filter, cleaning the inside of the oven, and closing the door. Scheduling regular adjustments for your furnace system can reduce the risk of a costly breakdown by up to 95%.

Katelyn Redish
Katelyn Redish

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